Infrastructure Security

Protect critical infrastructure with advanced AI-powered security and risk intelligence software.

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Stay in command

and become fast, proactive and aware


One-Stop Planning

Seamlessly schedule and manage tasks, patrols, routes, and shift plans with precision.


Situational Dominance

Achieve an unparalleled understanding of your security landscape with real-time operations data.


Advanced Intelligence

Leverage advanced AI tools for predictive risk modelling, and crime/incident trend analysis.


Optimal Resource Utilisation

Maximise the efficiency of your people, vehicles, equipment, and other resources.

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Intelligent Security, Maximum Control

The power of HYDRA's diverse modules helps you maintain superior situational awareness.

  • Mission Planning:

    Efficiently manage available resources and strategise security operations.

  • Security Operations:

    Run day-to-day ops, log incidents and checks, and stay on top of shifts.

  • Drone Operations:

    Optimise flights and manage your drone fleet effectively with detailed flight data logs.

  • Licence Plate Recognition:

    Deploy AI-based automatic licence plate recognition to enhance surveillance.

  • Intelligence:

    Use comprehensive interconnected data intelligence for risk assessment.

  • Review:

    Conduct comprehensive audits, with a clear view of what, when and where for future planning.

AI-Powered Data Storytelling across the Security Value Chain

HYDRA, our software product, transforms how you monitor, manage, and communicate your security data, enabling more efficient command and control over your resources and operations.

Absolutely! HYDRA modules can be bought in conjunction with one another to cater to specific security operation needs, providing data with more detail and specifics for your unique context.
Yes, HYDRA is designed with security and compliance in mind. We take the protection of your data seriously, and our platform meets regulatory requirements, ensuring that your data is safe and secure.
HYDRA is designed for seamless integration as it is data-, system- and sensor-agnostic. It can easily adapt to your current infrastructure, enhancing rather than replacing your existing systems. We provide support for the integration process to ensure a smooth transition and optimal operation.
Yes, our software is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. With our intuitive interface, anyone can create and share data stories in just a few clicks, without needing any specialised technical skills.This means anyone in the organisation, whether on the ground patrols or in-office managers, can use and understand data to make better decisions.
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