Agriculture Risk Management

AI-powered risk mitigation software that gives you real-time, automated awareness to track progress, measure performance, and prove the impact of agri investments.

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Stay ahead of the curve

with clear, measurable views of your impact


Make data-driven decisions

Track progress, monitor impact and make lightning-fast decisions based on accurate, real-time data.


Improve your operational efficiency

Streamline your data collection and analysis processes, while eliminating manual errors and ensuring data accuracy.


Enhance your solutions and products

Get real-time feedback and actionable insights on farm activities, performance and assets, to maximise financial accuracy and help farmers farm better.


Validate the success of your investments

Generate detailed, automated, shareable stories that provide evidence of impact, to build trust and loyalty with your stakeholders.

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Smart Intelligence for Big Impact

With a wide range of modules, funders, service providers and beneficiaries can manage their financing and impact goals efficiently

  • Track impact metrics and results in real-time
  • Monitor and manage farm assessments
  • Track finance spend against farmer budgets
  • Understand risk indicators using data
  • Plan, optimise and manage farm visits
  • Improve farm performance with precision agriculture

AI-Powered Data Storytelling across the Impact Value Chain

HYDRA, our software product, revolutionises the way you collect, analyse and share your data, providing you with clear and compelling evidence of your organisation's impact.

Yes, HYDRA is designed with security and compliance in mind. We take the protection of your data seriously, and our platform meets regulatory requirements, ensuring that your data is safe and secure.
Absolutely! The software is highly scalable, meaning that it can grow and adapt as your needs change. Whether you're managing a few projects or a large portfolio of initiatives, HYDRA can handle it with ease.
Yes, our app is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. With our intuitive interface, you can create and share data stories in just a few clicks, without needing any specialised technical skills.This means anyone in the organisation can use and understand data to make better decisions.
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