HYDRA Holistic Safety and Security

HYDRA Holistic Safety and Security is a solution that has been built for the entire safety and security community - private security companies, emergency services, policing, border safeguarding, disaster management, community policing, security estates, national level organisations, intelligence operators, law enforcement, courts and judicial personnel, international crime and multinational organisations.

We transform data into value across response and reaction, monitoring, capability management, urban and communities, compliance, investigations, finance and risk assessment.

Applications of HYDRA include urban & rural security, crime analysis insights, smart and secure cities, emergency & disaster management and tracking of high value assets. Anything that requires information awareness and needs data, decisions and action, we can do.

HYDRA allows you to efficiently and effectively leverage data to gain a competitive edge against threats, to gain information awareness and to allow securing of people and assets in any situation. This leads to informed planning, strategic level decision making and sustainment.


Our value enhancers for safety and security include:

  • Know if your people are where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be.
  • Get alerts when they cross in or out of geographic boundaries.
  • Optimise patrol routes and searches.
  • Get information about incidents from the field as they happen.
  • Follow real-time movements and actions of your people using a visual display.
  • Remotely manage and monitor operations.
  • Know how efficiently your assets are performing.
  • Manage the maintenance of your vehicles, firearms, assets and buildings.
  • Send and receive information securely and easily.
  • Collect information even if there is no network connectivity.
  • Draw and schedule patrol routes and searches.
  • Assign security officers to respond to incidents.
  • Analyse if operations were executed according to plan.
  • Get automatic alerts when people or vehicles are detected from your cameras.
  • Build up intelligence information for law enforcement.
  • Automatically uncover links between information.
  • Get real time alerts from your customers home and business security sensors.
  • A single view of all the information about your customer.
  • Officers can report incidents to the control room in real time from the field.
  • Easily manage and schedule shifts.
  • Reports and stats with a single click.
  • Uncover trends and foresight about crime patterns.
  • Analytics for early warning threat detections.

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