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Holistic Agriculture
We help you digitise and enable digital transformation across your operations and strategic goals, whether you're a farmer or an agri-business.
HYDRA takes an integrated, holistic approach to agriculture and farming. Our main differentiation is that other Agri apps and services are niche and only look at a specific aspect of the farming solution. We work towards giving farmers (small to large) a total view of all their farming operations end to end.
Do you want to:
Improve efficiencies in farming?
Yield increase and optimise resources?
Conserve our natural resources?
Reduce post-harvest losses?
Make data-driven decisions?
hydra products
Make it possible with our Agri Solutions
Keep your farm safe with: Livestock collars, GPS trackers, Camera traps, Gate sensors, Security data
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Digitize your farm with Operational Awareness, Real-time Farm Data, Sensors for Water and Soil Analysis, Workforce Monitoring
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Digitize your farming operations, get an Aggregated View for Large Agri Companies across all Farm and Trading Operations
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Give your customers the insights they deserve with data-driven insights and innovation
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Latest News
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More and more farmers are taking the leap towards starting to adopt industry 4.0 technologies.
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